Gina Scarf

Gina Scarf


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Super lightweight and cool as a breeze. Our Gina Scarf is a super lightweight material with an aesthetic ribbon on the head.

Material: Rayon spandex
Finishing: Folded Zigzag Stitch
Accessories: Handmade Ribbon
Type: Instant
Colors Selection: Mauve, Coral, Creme, Mist, Sky

Size & Dimension:
• S: 1-3 years old
Face opening: 8 inches, Front drape: 13 inches, back drape: 17.5 inches

• M: 4-6 years old
Face opening: 8.5 inches, Front Drape: 16.5 inches, Back Drape: 21.5 inches

• L: 7-9 years old
Face opening: 9 inches, Front Drape: 18 inches, Back Drape: 23 inches

• XL: 10 years old and above
Face opening: 9.5 inches, Front Drapes: 21 inches, Back Drapes: 26.5 inches


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