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R&B Scarf

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R&B Scarf has been The Els’ best sellers since 2018. Since then, it has become phenomenal amongst The Els’ mommies’ as a must-buy collection scarf for their princesses. This R&B Scarf has sophisticated round and colorful buttons attached to it. These appealing fine buttons are designated and produced abroad specially for our R& B Scarf.

As for the final touch, a lovely handmade ribbon is placed on top side of the scarf as complementary design to it. This scarf is made using stretchable and soft Cotton Lycra material, make it suitable for our little girls, be it infants or toddlers.

R&B Scarf is made available in 9 colors :

Black Charcoal, Caramel, Ash, Rose, Yam, Aqua, Coral, Pistachio and Flamingo.

Make it irresistible to all mommies out there!

This scarf comes out in five (5) different sizes, specially measured to fit in all little one’s variant sizes:

  • XS size is suitable for 4-12 months infants.
  • S size is suitable for 1-2 year old toddlers.
  • M size is for little princess aged in between 3-5 years old.
  • L size is fit for 6-8 years old sweety pies.
  • XL is for girl aged 9 years and above.
Size XS S M L XL
Age 6 mo 1-2 yo 3-5 yo 6-8 yo 9-12 yo
Front Length 5 7.5 10.5 12 15
Back Length 15 17 20 22.5 25
Face Diameter 14 14 16 17 18

10 reviews for R&B Scarf

  1. Nor Aziyah binti Ilias


  2. Nurdulilahjaafar


  3. hisham

    first order. nothing to review

  4. Maheran

    Cantik dan kemas bila dipakai

  5. Nurul Huda Roshaidi (verified owner)

    Sangat selesa.. Sejuk bila anak kecil pakai

  6. Noorhafiza Omar (verified owner)

    Beli warna Hitam. Cantik anak suka. Tapi dah lama nak tambah bila nak restok


    First order tapi byk dah habis..kurang pilihan warna

  8. Farah Fadilah (verified owner)

    Dah lama nak tambah color lain.. Tp byk color dah habis.. Sebelum ni, beli color hitam.. Best sgt.. Anak suka..

  9. syarifah3891


  10. Eqa

    Baru dpt tdung. Comel Sgt. Anak suka. Nak rrepeat tp kler yg nak smua dh sold out. Restock 🙏

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